The Outcast Tales

Session 3: Deadly Confrontation

From the fan-created adventure One Step Ahead

Riding Is Much Better Than Walking

As the group wakes up, they notice something that hasn’t been seen in days… the sunlight! It looks to be a glorious day, and they hear the sound of chatter as they see the Speeder being prepped for their trip back to the abandoned base. They feel like things are starting to go their way, for once.

Along for the ride are Inun’emeh, as she has insisted on traveling back with them. Koi and his 2 security guards are acting polite and helpful to the group. Cadan, the speeder pilot, will take the steering wheel in the speeder, and a human researcher with the group named Ta Rash joins the group as well.

Cadan calls out things are ready to go. Their new fuel cells are packed along with a few other boxes and items. The speeder seats everyone comfortably, and the trip should only take them a couple of hours. Cadan asks Dredar to sit higher than everyone else and have their gun ready as a lookout.

Are We There Yet?

After almost 2 hours of traveling, dark clouds star rolling in above them. It looks like it might begin to rain. Luckily, they can see the research facility ahead, with their ship still at the landing bay.

Suddenly, Dredar sees a swell in the water moving rapidly towards them. "Look out he shouts, and Caden tries to make an evasive maneuver! The crew brace for impact and the swell hits the engine and causes the airspeeder to spin out of control.

It begins to rain.

The group will notice that the speeder has been heavily damaged. VOMIX tries to fix the engine, but realizes it’s heavily damaged and will need replacement parts. He notes the large dent, insinuating that whatever hit them has a tough hide. The facility is only about a 20 minute walk. They start to walk through over knee high swamp water to get to the buildings.

The group continues to scan for the creatures as they grab their fuel cells and draw their weapons.

As they approach the facility, the loud downpour of rain somehow coats the facility with an ominous calm. The group step closer and closer to the darkened buildings. Every brush from the tall grass against the PCs skin, or the tiny creatures that bump into their ankles under water makes them a little jumpy and uneasy. They quicken their pace, as the water droplets bounce up at their faces from the water they walk trough. After almost 30 minutes of uneasiness, they near the walk ways of the research center.

Sodium seems to be seen, running out and shouting something at them. “Get out of the water! Hurry get in the ship!”

Rago Swamp Beast Attack

Suddenly they notice four swells in the water approaching them fast at medium range. As the PCs run to the compound, a creature jumps out of the water, latches onto Cadans shoulder with his large fanged mouth, and takes him under the water. Inun’emeh can’t believe this is happening again, but she can’t do much without a weapon. Koi and his 2 men pull out light blaster pistols from somewhere. Sodium races to the group, prepping his gun and ready to join the battle.


The scene is still dark, raining and wet. The creatures have an advantage being able to swim in the water quickly, as well as pounce out onto their victims. Although they are not as fast on land, they are still very agile and can move with great precision. The rain is the only reason why they come out of the water, and are dependent on the constant moisture on their bodies. Dry or covered areas will prevent the creatures from entering, but they will then focus on destroying the shelter so the rain can be on them again. The creatures will not back down, and will only stop when they are dead.

The creatures strike first, launching a yellow slime from their mouths, hitting Dredar in the face, and catching Koi’s men off guard. They take the slime in the face with open mouths and suffocate instantly.

Vomix ignites his fusion cutter, and sloshes over to one closing in on the group. He imagines where a brain would be and start slice into the creatures head with is cutter. It reals in pain, and swipes at his legs with it’s claws.

Blaster fire begins to light up the area, as the group begin shooting the creatures. The blasts seem to do little damage. The creatures begin swimming right at the PCs, and launch into them, swinging their tails and claws across them. In the commotion, Dredar and Jash get their guns knocked out of their hands, but some accurate shooting from Sodium and Ta Rash keep the creatures at bay.

Koi blasts at the creatures, knowing what they are capable of doing. “Aim for their back side, they don’t have any armor there! Kill them! KILL THEM!” As they come closer, rage sets in and Koi starts attacking them with his combat knife, stabbing them over and over. But their outer shell is too tough and his knife goes flinging out of reach as he looses grip in between blows.

Vomix continues trying to sear into the creatures tough outer shell. Again the creature screeches in pain and dives under water to easy the burning of the weapon. It swings around and connects with it’s tail against the droid, causing more damage to him.

The creature that took down Cadan returns with a ferocious attack. Cadan doesn’t seem to be moving. The group respond with multiple blaster fires, and finally kills the creature. Dredar runs over to Cadan and tries to lift him up, but the blood and tall weeds make it too difficult to get a proper hold.

As the battle continues, a second creature falls dead. With a loud sound, the larger creature calls out and he and the other remaining creature swim away quickly.

Good Bye Koi, Hello Job

A sense of relief builds within the group as the last creature leaves. The PCs all look at each other and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Koi turns to the group and says “I can’t believe we did it!” He then walks over the Inun’emeh, points his blaster pistol at her and says, “And here I thought I could just let one of those creatures take out this rebel scum. Yes, I know who you are. I’ve figured out your little secrets, and now you will pay for them.” His other hand pulls out what looks to be a tracing transmitter, and presses the button on it. “I guess I’ll be able to take you into custody after all, once the fleet arrives. Although, you would be much easier cargo if you were dead.” He levels his blaster right at her head.

Without warning, one of the giant swamp creatures lunges from the side of Koi, clamping down with his strong jaws onto his head, and topples him down to the ground. The creature looks at the group and slowly starts to back away with Koi in his jaws, dragging him under the swamp water. Nothing else is heard from the beasts. “Well, that escalated quickly,” says Jash.

Jash looks at the creatures, and studies the strange biological specimen. He wonders if the shells on these creatures would fetch a pretty credit on the black market, but knows they don’t have much time to properly remove one.

As the PCs move inside, Ta Rash stays out by the back door to keep an eye out for more creatures. The rest of the party move inside the offices. Inun’emeh notices that the door has been broken into, as well as the safe. A worried look comes across her face, but luckily still finds everything in place inside. She turns to the group with an apprehensive look. “We got curious,” VOMIX insists.

Inun’emeh thanks the group profusely, and encourage them to deliver the box to Dantooine as soon as possible. She tells them to deliver the box to a Qelar Luron, and he should be there expecting it. She gives the group their payment and let’s them know more will be given after this successful delivery. Then she urges them to leave, not knowing what signal was sent from Koi. The group offer to take her and Ta Rash back to the other facility before they leave the system.

VOMIX enters the ship and easily repairs the fuel cells, and notices they might be able to save the old ones, and reuse them at a later time. The rest get on board and see Kiinon lying on a makeshift medical bed, bandaged up from shoulder to hip, with bloody scrapes and cuts everywhere else. Sodium describes how Kiinon went for a walk outside, and got attacked by one of the creatures. Luckily Sodium was watching him and saved his life. As the payments get divided up, Kiinon says, “Just give my share to Sodium. He definitely deserves it.”

Another Mouth To Feed

The travel back, once again to the other facility. Jash looks at Ta Rash and says, “You’re pretty good with a blaster. You know, we could use another good gun in this group. You should think about joining us.” Something inside Ta Rash gets sparked and he considers it.

As they arrive at the other facility, they lower the ramp and Inun’emeh jumps out onto the small loading dock. Ta Rash says, “Hold on a moment…” and jumps down beside Inun’emeh. He mentions something to her, and she looks at him. She bids him a fairwell, and Ta Rash jumps back onto the ships ramp. “Ok, I’m in.” he says to the group. Kiinon, under his breath, says “Oh, great. Another mouth to feed.”

The blast off, leaving the swampy world behind them. as they set their course and start into hyperspace, they see what looks to be 3 star destroyers jump into the Rago system. And then they are gone. Safely jumping into hyper space on the way to Dantooine, they wonder what will happen to those on Rago, but that can’t be your concern now.

The crew take a moment to rest and tend to some wounds, as well as get aquatinted with the new member of their team. Stories are exchanged, and the PCs are able to rest for a little bit. Until the moment they arrive on Dantooine.

To be concluded…



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