The Outcast Tales

Session 1: First job together

From the fan-created adventure, One Step Ahead

Opening Crawl

True galactic freedom has vanished. The Empire and its enforcers stretch across thousands of systems with a mighty grip.

Staying relatively unaware from local authorities, a small group sets out to make their own path amidst the chaos.

Soon to receive a communication from an old friend, the band of misfits find themselves in a remote part of the galaxy, hoping for some good fortune…

300 credits

Jashton “Jash” Whitestar and new found bothan friend, Dredar Horne, has been visiting the well know casino “The Chance Cube” in the city of Freelonn, on the lawless planet of Ord Mantell.

During one of the games, a local thug, Kelge, was sure he was cheated out of a few hundred credits by Jash, and has decided to teach the PCs a lesson or two out side the casino, with the help of a few of his gang members. The PCs had other plans, and would like to stay among the living. A chase ensued out the casino and through the streets of Freelon.

As Jash and Dredar were looking behind to monitor the gang chasing them, they didn’t see the tall human named Sir Kiinon Loebund and his Twi’lek bodyguard Sodium Jer, and crashed into them in the streets. Jash and Dredar picked themselves up and continued running from the angry gang as Kiinon demanded retribution and an apology for the intrusion. The 2 PCs run until they find a junk yard and find themselves cornered. There are layers and piles of junk everywhere. Large, vehicles that once carried passengers all over the planet are now rusting away. Wires, gears, and other computer or mechanical elements are found everywhere.

Between the blaster bolts and sparks, they hear the street toughs call out, “I’m gettin’ back my 300 from ya, even if we have to take it from your lifeless body!” A look from Jash to Dredar speaks volumes. “I swear I didn’t cheat them out of 300 credits… it was only 100. What were the odds?” Another blaster bolt hits the shell of an old rusted who-knows-what, as the local thugs inch their way closer. They are beginning to regret stopping on Ord Mantell.

The PCs begin combat with Kelge and his group of 3 street thugs. They’ve wasted enough energy on the chase that they won’t back down without some kind of deadly retribution and enter in the junkyard shooting at anything that moves. They take a shot at Jash and score a hit as he hides behind junk piles. Dredar retaliates with his slugthrower rifle and takes one of the gang members out with an amazingly accurate shot. Jash yells to the group, “You’d better give up. I’ve got a whole lot of other men hiding in here with me, ready to take you all out!” The gang buys the bluff, and figures this is Kelge’s fight for 300 credits, not theirs. They turn and run out the junk yard.

Kelge is irritated to see his thugs take off, and shouts obscenities at them and promises to take care of them later. He continues stumbling towards the PCs, and is now apparent that he’s had one too many Corrilian ale shots.

Without warning, a blaster bolt hits Kelge from the back, causing him to stagger even more, as he turns around to return fire. Kiinon and Sodium have caught up to the group, with the human still going on about the incident in the street. Kelge returns fire at the twi’lek, and scores a massive hit to the mercenary. Jash takes the opportunity to fire at the thug, and says “I’ve had enough of this…” He stands up, begins walking down the open junkyard path, firing at the klatooinian and the hanging junk pile near him. Kelge falls dead as the blaster bolts hit and the junk pile topples onto him.

Kiinon, uninterested in the fatal blaster fire and toppled rubbish, continues his verbal tirade at the PCs, while Sodium stands behind him, rolling his eyes and thinking, “Is the money REALLY worth this?” As the PCs ignore the verbal abuse, the see what looks to be a decent looking LOM droid poking out from where the toppled junk came from. They see a flicker of power in it’s eyes and figure it might be useful and grab it. No one seems to stop them, so they call it theirs. Dredar pulls Kelge out of the from under the junk and decides to take his blaster and vibroknife.

Message from Oren Brenko

Jash begins to receive a communication through his comlink, and discovers a voice he hadn’t heard for a while. “Good friend! It’s me Oran Brenko! I know I know, it’s been far too long. Look, I have a solid ‘I owe you one’ if you can help me out with something. I can’t say much else over the com, but I will say there will be payment enough for you and your crew. Meet me at the Five Rings, and we can talk more. Please hurry, friend!”

Upon hearing the message, Kiinon seems to change his tune a little as he hears the prospect of money to be earned. He forgives the altercation and accepts the incident as nothing more than dumb luck and bad coordination on Jash and Dredar. “You look quite tall for a bothan, and you sir look like you are in need of a leader and a ship. I will offer my services and my ship, and lead this rabble.” All the PCs roll their eyes, but realize they are in need of a ship. Reluctantly, they agree and follow Kiinon to a near-by landing bay.

As the PCs enter the landing bay, they behold a slightly run down YT-1300 freighter. “I just acquired this ship, and have yet to name it. Any ideas?” Dredar thinks of the good fortune it may bring and proposes “Wanderer’s Fortune.” Everybody agrees to the name. Kiinon fiddles with the loading ramp controls for a moment and the ramp opens. Dredar takes to the pilot seat, while Jash and Sodium drag the LOM droid into the cargo hold for the time being. Kiinon walks around the ship, poking his head in the rooms and opening up cupboards and panels. Jash looks at the other PCs and mutters, “Are we SURE this is his ship?” Kiinon overhears the subtle doubt and forcefully assures them that this is his ship, but demands that they get on their way. Quickly.

Dredar enters the coordinates to the Five Rings Space Station orbiting around Formax into the astrogation computer and the group blast off into hyperspace.

Arriving at Fornax

As the crew of the Wanderer’s Fortune jump out of hyperspace, a glorious vision appears; the planet Fornax and is brilliant rings of fire. Holovids can’t do it justice when they attempt to capture the majesty of this natural wonder of the galaxy. Tour freighters thrill their passengers by weaving in and out of the 5 rings that surround the planet. Hanging above the rings is a bustling, tourist space station, ships coming and going, giving all who visit a front row view of the cosmic display. Jash’s friend, Oran Brenko, is probably waiting inside.

As the PCs begin their approach, a lovely, female voice signals for communication, and invites them to come aboard the station. “Welcome to the Five Rings of Fornax Scenic Station. Are you looking for docking instructions today?” Dredar responds affirmatively, and is given instructions to pilot the craft to docking bay 19B. Dredar tries to fly the freighter, but finds the control response a little off. The female docking technician signals to them again. “I’m sorry, it looks like you are having problems piloting in. Please take your hands off the controls and we’ll be happy to bring you in by tractor beam.” The technician highlights over the comm the tourist destination points in the station, like the first-class window booths, fine dinning, gift shops and featured entertainment. The PCs are brought into the docking bay, and land without incident.

Now safely in the docking bay, they exit the Wanderer’s Fortune and approach the door to the space station. A computer screen lights up and welcome’s them to the station, and requests the payment of 100 credits to enter. The PCs, knowing they have little money, look at the possibility of slicing the computer to bypass the payment. After they realize it might be too difficult to attempt, they look at Kiinon, as he has mentioned a few times about the wealth his family has. He agrees that his family is quite wealthy, and excuses himself back into the ship for a moment. The group hears clanks and clatters, with Kiinon emerging after a few minutes. “Ah, yes. Hear you go. 20 credits.” The other PCs sigh and begin dividing up the rest of the 100 credits with Sodium putting in the most at 50 credits.

Finding Oran

As the doors open, delicious aromas fill the air from the restaurants of The Five Rings Station, the most luxurious and popular place this side of the galaxy. The hallways are lined with exotic plants, bustling merchants with their carts and every few meters are highly detailed holo-fountains bursting with light and flare. Gift shops line the wall as you walk out into the hallway, noticing the many trinkets that will surely be placed on a shelf somewhere to collect dust. Hallways criss-cross throughout the circular station, forming the most efficient route to anywhere, with large chandeliers hanging from the raised ceilings. Beautiful, high-tempered window rooms follow the outside curve of the station, giving those spectators a near floor to ceiling view of the amazing rings of fire.

But as the PCs enter a small alarm goes off saying, “Please leave all weapons in the docking bay. Weapons are prohibited inside the station.” Jash, Sodium and Dredar try to hide smaller weapons with them, but are unable to conceal them sufficiently. Dredar, however, is able to drop a blaster just outside the door behind some exotic plant, just in case.

Gift shops, restaurants and private rooms are luxuriously decorated. Jash opens up a comlink communication and finds Oran in a private window booth over looking the fire rings. Sodium and Dredar hang back in the hallway, keeping a watchful eye. Kiinon seems to wandering off into the gift shop, and Sodium over hears him saying, “Do you know who I am? I am Sir Kiinon…”

Oran invites Jash down and admits he is pleased to see him. He asks Jash about the group he is with and wonders if they can be trusted. Jash does his best to convince him that they are, although he secretly has doubts of his own. Jash asks about what kind of job Oran has for them, which Oran replies, “I need you to deliver something near the boarder of wild space, to a contact on the planet Rago. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of keeping this item safe, and out of Imperial hands. For security measures, I’ve hidden the item in the gift shop where you came in. Ask the cashier for “Something extra special to give my little girl back home.” She will recognize the sign, and give you the item. Time is a luxury we don’t have, and the delivery of this can’t be delayed any more. For added security, my droid J-3PO will send you the coordinates for Rago once you have left this station.”

“Who do we need to give this to?” wonders Jash. Oran says that the contact’s name is Inun’emeh. He also advises the PCs to deliver the item in private, away from peering eyes, and only to her. She will be expecting the delivery. Jash continues, “How much will we get paid?” Oran confesses that the job has a pretty small payment of only $1,000, but he also mentions that he was told another job could be given to the crew upon successful completion that may be more lucrative.

Jash pauses for a moment, then looks at Oran. “Why do we need to avoid the Imperials? That might make this delivery a bit more than 1,000 credits.” Oran mentions that the Imperials tend to want to get their hands into anything these days, and privacy is become more and more scarce. “If you want to get paid more, you’ll have to negotiate that with Inun’emeh,” he confesses.

Jash feels like he’s got all the information he needed, and Oran tells J-3PO to prep his ship and be ready to send the coordinates to the PCs the moment they have left the dock. Jash gets up to make his way to the gift shop, when he and Dredar notice some kind of noise down the hallway. Dredar is able to sneak closer, as people are starting to run down the hall now. As he inches closer he sees what looks to be white uniforms. He overhears one of them say, “Up against the wall for inspection!”

Jash tries to get to the gift shop quickly, but get’s bogged down with the hordes of people that seem to be making their way down the hall. Dredar catches back up with Jash, and Sodium sees the direction they are heading and follows suit.

Suddenly, blaster fire becomes easily recognizable and the PCs hear what sounds like screaming coming from somewhere on this level. Frightened patrons begin running by frantically. As the PCs look down the hallway, they glimpse two large imperial Star Destroyers jump into the system, just beyond the planet. Waves of TIE fighters start to swarm around outside the station, while passenger ships are corralled, prohibiting them to escape. Oran catches up to the group, looks at Jash with horror written on his face, and whispers “Get out of here!”



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