The Outcast Tales

Session 4: Finish the Job

From the fan-created adventure One Step Ahead

Let’s get paid, and let’s get outta here.

The crew of the Wanderer’s Fortune enter the mild atmosphere of Dantooine. They scan the horizon where the coordinates were given and they come across some low buildings that match the contour of the landscape. They land the ship and decide to go out and take a look. Kiinon, still resting his arm, stays aboard the ship and vows to watch over things. The rest of the crew seem hesitant to let him stay by himself. As they near one of the buildings, it looks to be an abandoned jedi temple from long ago. Not far away, they notice another building peaking over the rolling hills. The PCs find a closed opening to what looks to be a small building or facility tightly shut. Vomix triumphantly slices into the door lock, and is able to open the doors, as well as keep any alarm from sounding off.

Inside they find what looks to be an abandoned command center. Chairs, desks, terminals, etc are spread around a center open area that actually looks up to a hidden skylight above. They see dust and cobwebs and it looks like it’s been abandoned for quite some time.

Old computer terminals and other computer stations are all around them and they all appear to be turned off and collecting dust. Hallways that lead to some stairs that seem to go down quite a ways are visible. The power seems to be off and things are very dark all around them. Silence permeates the area, and blasters a drawn, just to be on the safe side. The facility itself seems to be more below ground than above ground.

Vomix with his superior skills at computer hacking, slices into one of the terminals and powers it on. It’s data has long been erased, but he did notice that there is probably a center server station lower in the facility. The group decide to head down further to see if they can figure out more about this place.

Other various offices and the rooms are scattered throughout the hallways as they move down into the lower levels. but they all seem to be mostly cleared out except for a few tables and other odds and ends and furniture. Once the room is found, Vomix slices into the compartment and finds the backup data. The was a facility used by the Rebel Alliance some time ago, but has been abandoned. As he reads this data, some safety protocol kicks in, and the disk begin to melt, and are lost.

We are not alone

As the PCs are looking around and investigating the facility, they hear some footsteps up on the first floor and the doors closing, most likely from the same place they entered.

Even though they don’t know who is there, the PCs can begin to feel calm and relaxed for some strange reason. Sodium decides to just walk up to the command center to see who it is while the rest take up defensive positions.

The being looks to be humanoid, wearing a long environmental trench coat, carrying a lantern. He has a calmness about him, and seems to know who they are even though you don’t know him. “Are you looking for something?” he asks.

The PCs find out that he is Qelar Luron, their contact. With Qelar is Gial Ackbar, a Mon Calimari military leader of some sorts. The contacts escort the group into a separate room to discuss the delivery and payment of the item.

As the PCs are escorted into a side room, they talk with Qelar about the importance of this mission, but they are just wanting to get paid and be on their way. They give the box to the two rebel representatives and they inspect it and are grateful for the delivery. They mention the courage and dedication it must have taken to get this here. Qelar looks at them with confidence and a sense of trust. He wonders if they want to join the rebel alliance or just use them when occasion is needed since there someone they can rely on. The PCs say they are not ready to get embroiled with the rebellion, but may work with them in future moments.

The Tremor

Qelar approaches them with the credits. As he gives them the payment a look of terror comes across his face. He seems to look right through you and begins stumbling, as his knees buckle. He continues to stair blankly into space, and slowly drops his heads down into his hands, almost in pain. Tarash also seems to show discomfort and grabs onto something for support.

Qelar looks at Ackbar, and tries to describe the horror he just felt in the force, as if millions and millions of people all screamed out in horror, and then were silenced. Nobody know what has happened, but they all agree that it’s time to part ways.

Suddenly warning sensors start going off in the base alerting the group to something outside. The group investigate, and find a probe droid off in the distance. Dredar levels his slug thrower and fires at the droid. The hit is so precise that it hits the self destruct mechanism just right, and the droid explodes. But not before it was able to send some message to a nearby ship.

Qelar talks briefly into his comlink, telling some to be ready.

The PCs discuss with the rebels about where their ship is parked and they will make sure they get back to their ship quickly and safely. Qelar will tell Ackbar to shut everything down again, and wipe the system again if needed.

The group will then be aware that something big might be going down. As the PCs make their way to their ship, a legion of stormtroopers with Admiral Gar Tillis in the lead march out of a clearing in front of them..

“Well, it looks like I’ve finally caught up to you,” says the large imperial officer standing before you. “I will give you this one opportunity to surrender, for I heard that more Star Destroyers are heading this way. Apparently there are rebels here.” He looks directly at Ackbar and Qelar. As he talks, you recognize his voice from back at the Fornax Station. “Please, do something stupid, so I can command my troops to mow you down like the vermin you are.” The hundreds of storm troopers in front of you sends a twinge of fear running through your body. Qelar calmly responds. “It will not be that easy.” Ackbar calls into COM link on his wrist. “Now!” And at that moment a squad of rebel soldiers pour over the compound! Nobody is going down without a fight today!

Ackbar, Qelar and the PCs begin fighting Admiral Tillis and his band of stormtroopers as the battle rages around them. Akbar and Qelar join the fight with the group as well. Qelar ignites a lightsaber and Ackbar takes out his blaster.

Dantooine Battle Royal

The scene is a deadly one, with rolling grass hills with small patches of shrubbery and rocks scattered about, providing cover for the blaster fire that is zipping all around them. The band take cover behind some of the rolling hills and fire at the stormtroopers. Qelar starts running at them, deflecting blaster bolts left and right. Sodium, Dredar and Pash fire and scores some hits, but not before they get hit as well. Vomix rushes over to Dredar to provide medical attention, as he is hit and left unconscious for a moment. Qelar even takes too many hits and falls. Ackbar yells “Qelar!!”

As stimpacks are being throne around to help the wounded, the battle continues, with Admiral Tillis barking orders and the troopers firing with deadly accuracy. But Qelar and Dredar recover, and begin retaliating, taking down a small band of stormtroopers. The rebel soldiers seem to be handling the situation, although bodies are seen on the ground everywhere.

Finally as the last group of troopers are defeated with the signature move from Pash, Admiral Tillis seems to surrender, as well as the the rest of his troops around him. The battle is won!

The imperials are gather and are told to kneel with their arms behind their heads. Qelar walks to each one of them, using a Jedi mind trick to make the survivors forget about this place. He instructs them to report that there was nothing here on Dantooine except an abandoned rebel base.

The crew, once again, bid farewell to the rebels, feeling fortunate that there is a small group willing to sacrifice much against a ruthless empire. Hopefully, they will always find themselves one step ahead of them

The End.



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